Print China 2011 will create the Future with You

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Print China 2011 will create the Future with You


Print China Show Company Limited held a press conference in Beijing on July 27, 2010, the opening day of the 5th China North Printing Equipments & materials Exhibition (Print North 2010).

Mr. Xu Jinfeng, vice chairman and secretary general of PEIAC and vice chairman of PCSC, hosted the conference. Mr. Wang Demao, vice chairman executive of PEIAC and chairman of PCSC, gave a welcome speech. Mr. Xie Senshu, vice secretary general of PEIAC and general manager of PCSC gave a brief introduction of Print China preparation works. Over 100 participants, including various association leaders, partners and media have attended the press conference. During the conference, the organizing committee has announced a series of local government supporting policies, new market trends and latest booth sales progress. All these exciting news have brought great confidence to conference attendees and everybody is looking forward to a successful Print China 2011.

Mr. Wang Demao gave a welcome speech at the very beginning. He introduced the market background, target and purpose of organizing Print China. He emphasize that China Print 2009 has achieve a great success even during the global financial crisis. In two years time, Print China 2011 should be able to reach a new level as the global market has started to warm up. Print China is also a great opportunity to show the development progress of China’s printing industry. It will be a symbol event to proof that China has become a strong country in the printing field. Print China 2011 is estimated to reach 100,000 square meters in size with over 1000 exhibitors, attracting over 120,000 visitor entries. The 5th China Presswork Exhibition and Award Ceremony will be held simultaneously. On the day before the opening of Print China 2011, the second International Printing Technology Forum (Forum-PT 2011) will be held. In the end, Mr. Wang invites everybody to join Print China 2011 and experience the success together.

Mr. Xie Senshu’s presentation is called “Open up a Global Window, Setup an International Platform---Print China 2011 will create the Future with You”. He firstly introduced the hall arrangement and sales progress of Print China 2011. The exhibition center will be divided into seven sections, which are: integrated brands section (include pre-press, press post-press and digital), screen printing section, label printing section, materials section, inkjet printing section, packaging section and fine presswork section. Until July 15, 2010, over 350 companies have submitted their applications to exhibit in Print China 2011. Among them, there are industry leaders such as Heidelberg, Man Roland, KBA, Bobst, Shanghai Electric, Beiren Group, Zhongde Group, UP Group, Gronhi, Founder, HP, Kodak, Screen, Agfa, etc. 80% of the integrated brands section and 90% of the packaging section has been sold. Booth sales of other sections are also doing very well. It is estimated that all 800 domestic machinery manufacturers will participated in Print China 2011. It will be an ideal platform for communication and business trade.

Mr. Xie also announced that Print China has been enlisted as one of the key exhibition events of Guangdong province. The provincial government will provide both policy and financial support to the organizer. It will be a great help to enhance event promotion, buyer invitation, fringe events and service quality. Mr. Xie emphasized that besides guarantee a larger exhibition size, the organizer would also spend more efforts on inviting visitors from home and abroad. The organizer would establish stronger connections with associations and media and to promote the event via international printing industry organizations, association activities, overseas trade fairs, publications and internet. The promotion will reach Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan region, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Northeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, North America, South America and Europe. It is confirmed that bringing more professional visitors to attend Print China 2011 is the main task of the organizing committee.

Mr. Xie has also concluded ten advantages to hold Print China 2011 in Dongguan next spring, which are: strong organizer, mature experience, famous brand, booming market, convenient location, good environment, wide promotion, attentive visitor invitation, professional service and perfect timing. He believe that with these ten advantages, the organizing committee is able to bring Print China 2011 into a new level.

Before the end of the press conference, the organizer has presented a promotion video to all conference attendees. It brings out the good memories of Print China 2007 and again strengthened the confidence of holding a successful Print China 2011.




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