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Plus Alcohol Fountain solution

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high-performance fountain solution


product parameter

original productwater=1:30-50   PH Value4.7-5.5   electric conduction ratio850-1250 add alcohol8%-12%


Description of products: imported raw materials, new developped, EPMC, effective, made up with high-tech; ensuring the lipophilic images and hydrophilic non-images printed effectively, enhanceing the printing balance of ink and water. Including the effective fungicide; keeping the water-box clean and pipe unobstructed; fitting the international EPMC demands.



1The most important function of fountain solution is to form the water-film on the non-images. The fountain solution has little surface tension put into the water, and would let the water to spread on non-images surface; its electrolyte would happen chemical reaction with metal plate and produce inorganic salt making the water-film to stick to the plate non-images tightly, preventing the ink from spreading to the black parts. Otherwise, the pictures couldn鈥檛 be printed out normally.


2Mending the hydrophilic lay. During the process of printing, the cylinder & roller would scratch the plate at running, abrading the hydrophilic lay; at the same time, the paper would drop some powder at printing, which would add the abrading and destroy the hydrophilic lay. In the case, it is necessary to use fountain solution to mending the hydrophilic lay in printing. Offset printing couldn鈥檛 use the immiscibility of water and ink to print.


3Reducing the surface temperature. Roller would pull the ink into film under the high-speed running, and its surface temperature would also rise, causing the ink changed too. The stickiness of ink would reduce and the flowability would increase under the high-temperature; which would cause the ink to spread quickly and the nets to amplify, leading to bad printing result. But adding the fountain solution would reduce the plate temperature and avoid the above problems in printing.



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