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 Used Fujikura Ltd鈥檚 advanced technology of surface composition and elastic layer, FS-50 was designed to optimize the printing performance, and helped modern typographer to gain a better quality on high-speed presses.


FS-50 technical parameters (FS-50)

type: air cushion

thickness: 1.68mm/1.95mm

elasticity: 500/3CM2

hardness: 80 (Shore A)

tensile strength: 85(N/MM)

fracdure extension: 2.9%

鈽呫features: better net-sharpness and real press performance

鈽呫excellent stripping performance

鈽呫excellent inktransfer

鈽呫Good anti-impact elastic cushion layer, bringing excellent kick-back  fuction and long useful life.

鈽呫min. size distortion

鈽呫reduce suck the ash

鈽呫Easy cleaned 



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