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 self-adhesive under-packing foil is a self-adhesive pad with gum, good quality of long time viscous force with cylinder, keeping the plate exactly; stable thickness; couldn鈥檛 become dilatational strain once the water or others entry, protecting the cylinder from eroding of fountain; good anti-friction/elasticity/anti-deformability, improving the printing nets clearness directly. Long time stickiness, can used more than 10 months. (Asian light under-packing film for rotary press: own the general under-packing film鈥檚 features, add the friction with plate after the Asian light surface polished, used in long printing of web rotary press, max. width 1370mm)


Installation method: clean the plate cylinder(use the rust remover once have rust), roll the press to plate cylinder seaming or plate-end, toward to the operator, open about 5cm along the long side of stripping lay paper of under-packing glue, stick on the cylinder along the plate cylinder side (can insert 1mm); use the soft cotton to press the pad from centre to both sides, making it sticked flatly on the cylinder, prohibitting bubbles; roll the machine and remove the protected lay at the same time, meanwhile press from centre to both sides, until all sticked on the cylinder. At the beginning, the stickiness is not good, which is useful for re-installation until the best position. The surface has a little groove, helping bubbles moved out, and could be auto-disappear after the cylinder running. Suggesting to change the new film every 8 months, because the stickiness would be added with the time flowing, and would cause the cleaness difficult next time if long time not change.




Under-packing foil(without back-gum): smooth surface at both sides, without back-gum, can be used in sheet-fed offset press to change the pad frequently, between the ubder-packing paper and the under-packing gum; used longer time if used in the blanket cylinder, and the result would be better; can satisfied the requirement that change the plates and adjust the thickness frequently if used in the plate cylinder. 


Packaging specification: max. size 1680*1450mm              (unit mm)
  0.1  0.15   0.2  0.25   0.3  0.35   0.4   0.45   0.5   0.55




Under-packing paper: exact thickness, good flatness, high fibre density, good abrasive performance---extend the use life of blanket directly, improving the reducibility of blanket.

Packaging specification: max. size: 1680*1450mm; min. unlimited









light yellow






Single sheet packaging

100 PCS

100 PCS

50 PCS

50 PCS

50 PCS

25 PCS


Antifouling sand paper: a gasket used in the feeder cylinder avoiding the print to be stained. The sands are uniform and stable, and the surface is anti-ink and can be washed by cleaner. Soft, don鈥檛 destroy the printing surface, and excellent waterproof and inkproof. It is replacing the blue paper slowly for good quality, low price, convenient control.





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