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    Corrugated board producing line
 Year: 1997  Brand: Cardboard Packaging Line
 Specification: 2.2M  Equipment: Automatic


Corrugated board producing line  纸板生产线

Technical Information技术参数:

Corrugated cardboard production line includes mill roll , year 1997  带压纹辊的纸板生产流水线

single facer, pre-heater, conveyer bridge, gluing machine, slitter scorer machine, cut off machine  and stacker.


Effective Width: 2200 mm,  E-Flute , E坑有效宽度:2.2M

Roll diameter: 250 mm,  起坑滚筒直径250mm

Production speed生产速度::80-230 meters/min

circular knives 旋转滚筒式切纸刀,  

Stacker Width堆集宽度 2200 mm,

Max sheet size最大纸张尺寸: 2200×1600 mm,

Min sheet size最小纸张尺寸: 500×500 mm,

High stack产品堆集高度 2000 mm = 1500 sheets,

the machine in running机在生产中


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