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Ductor Foil

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ductor foil

suitable to a series of presses with CPC ink system as Heidelberg. According to the different use, ductor foil can be sorted to several types as below:

standard ink fountain: thickness 190um, 100pcs/box

ink fountain for roller (with sponge):thickness 190um, 20pcs/box

ink fountain for roller (without sponge):thickness 190um, 100pcs/box

Extra Strength ink fountain: thickness 250um, 100pcs/box, used in general ink & overlength plate printing or UV ink & short plate printing

ductor foil for UV ink printing:thickness 300um, 50pcs/box

new type ductor foil: used in SM74CD & SM102CD, the ductor foils is single-side folding, can be folded to 45 or square shape.




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