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PF-500 spray powder is used in general color-press widely, 300-400 bigness(particle size10-30um); used in film/rubber/nylon and compound except general color-press.


     It is globular/ epigranular/smooth on surface/ excellent fluxility and spread/exellent printing ink assimilability and lipophilicity. It can be spreaded on the sheet surface perfectly, gainting good quality of sheet-offset.







KF-300 spray powder is general color(mid-graded ink) printing power, 200-300 bigness(particle size30-50um); epigranular/


excellent fluxility/mainly used in thicked paper printing and large area & mid-graded ink color-printing.


Used professional processing technic, preventing the sticked and dirty; dried quickly, can be solidified, to be the basis of post-press processing. 




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