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Single/Double Side Blueprint

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single/double side bule paper(blue printing paper)


Used in all kinds of ammonia develop of blueprint machine.

A kind of Sensitive material. Mainly used in proofing during printing the books & magazines. Can reflex the original words/images/content/size clearly and exactly through 1:1 proportion with original, and stored for several decades without fade or less-powder.
銆銆1stored environment or situation
Keep in dark place. The product is sensitive for ultraviolet rays, so must avoid to be irradiated by sunlight or other ultraviolet rays, or it would be lose effectiveness. 
Dry/shady and cool. Temperature under 25, relative humidity at most 65%.
Avoid alkaline gas. Must separate the product from any volatile alkaline things in the same storage, expecially the aqueous ammonia, for it can happen the chemical reaction under the alkaline situation.   

銆銆2two processes (develop & exposure)in using:
Exposure. Different blueprint machines have different exposure time. The  light source is stronger, the exposure time is shorter. Calling it overexposure that the thin lines of manuscript have broke or unclear phenomemon, then should shorten the exposure time; calling it underexposure that the manuscript grounding has color difference, then should lengthening the exposure time.
Remember that the product is sensitive material before taking it out from the black bag, for it is very sensitive for the sunlight. So the working environment must avoids the sunlight irradiating. Used out quickly after taking out, because the product would lose effectiveness or good result slowly after exposuring. Remember to put the left product to the bag and seal again, making sure non-light leak & non-gas leak, or the product would become white or blue, losing effectiveness.
Develop. Arrange the ammonia-smoked develop quickly once the product has exposured according with the manuscript, or the result would be bad if layed aside a bit longer.

銆銆3exposure time:
The exposure time decides the result. Suggest to take the鈥淔uji鈥漡ray-ruller as the reference; it can decides the exposure time is the best when the blue images are the same as the standard ones. Lenghtening the time if the color is dark; shortening the time if the color is light.

銆銆4light source effect:
The more or longer of using time, the degree of aging of bulk would become more serious. With the deepening of degree of aging of light source, exposure time should be extended. 

銆銆In order to make sure the uniformity of light on blue paper, ground glass shouldn鈥檛 removed between the light source and blue paper, but should cleaned at fixed time.

銆銆5vacuumize effect:
銆銆Must be vacuumized uniformly and completely before exposure, making sure a good result. Please notice the pump working situation if one fixed place color of images always darker or lighter.



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