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Blanket Renewer

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blanket renewer


Function: can puff the rubber quickly, resolve the the ink stain strongly. no burning, no bursting, safe. 


Status: transparent, liquid, light smell. no burning, no bursting.
Effect: can renew the blanket鈥檚 shape and spring, delete the ink stains.


Renew the shape and spring: disboard the blanket from the machine, overturn and put flat, and spray some renewer on the blanket back uniformly. Wait for enough time to let it working. Turn back and use little renewer to clean the blanket surface. Remember: don鈥檛 pour the renewer on the blanket surface directly, which would cause its surface to be non-flat.

 2. Partial restore: disboard the blanket from machine, put faceup flat, and use the cotton swab with renewer to smear the collapsed part continually until it recovers completely.

 3. Clean blanket surface: soak some renewer with cloth or gauze to scrub the blanket quickly.



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