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Function: PH value 7, no corrosiveness, super-clean ability for ink stains, super-repaired ability for plate quickly. oxidation for PS plate鈥檚 orgnic salt layer; strong/quick/complete clean ability for ink stains of orgnic salt deep layer; improve the plate鈥檚 hydrophilic.


2.don鈥檛 worried about the light-sensitive glue layer of PS plate to be resolved, ensuring the images have the best reducibility and condition, the printing have good quality, and the plate has the longest printing life.


3.including small clean granules, helping to clean the plate鈥檚 surface, and enhancing the light-sensitive glue鈥檚 lipophilic.


4.quick rerepaired function. Can recover the scratch and oxidation of PS plate鈥檚 organic salt layer, and the hydrophilic function         


safe manual:

1.Handling safety and shortcut. Only force out some cheaner on the sponge or cloth-mess, and scrub on the plate roundly, don鈥檛 need any other clean.


2.The product has any corrosiveness, so don鈥檛 worried about any plate problems as destroy/drop/anti-ink in clean process.



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